GPE publication types

1. GPE Early Warning Reports: When ethnic tension is about to heighten in an area due to any given event that occurs on location or elsewhere. We have recently witnessed through the July 2020 Oromo region atrocities that trigger points do not necessarily have to happen on location for attacks to commence. Until the highly ethnically charged division and tension in Ethiopia is reported to lessen, we will send out early warning reports based on types of incidents that triggered such attacks before.

2. GPE Red Alerts: We send out these alerts, when we receive information directly from locations were people are calling for help, when victims are under siege, when armed groups are sighted towards a vulnerable community, when flyers are distributed and posted indicating that targeted groups need to leave the area or we receive absolute warnings that an attack is about to happen.

3. GPE Atrocity Reports: We send these out once the attacks have happened. We will try to obtain Dates, Location, Number of Victims as accurately as possible. We will send out updates as soon as we get more information or clarification on the incident or the victims. We may start tagging these reports with unique numbers in such cases we may retrospectively apply tags and resend emails so you can communicate with us regarding specific incidents as needed.

4. GPE Reports: Stand alone reports that include incidents as well as analysis and recommendations. These are made available through mailing lists, social media outlets as well as the GPE reports section below.

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GPE Report 005: State Organized Crimes such as Assassinations, Abductions, Kidnappings, and Torture have intensified in Ethiopia, the so-called Amhara region is under siege by the Oromo Special Command Force!! 

June 7, 2022

"5,829 Amharas and their advocates have been detained (figure accurate as at May 26, 2022) ever since this campaign started in mid-May, 2022 and we are getting reports that more are being abducted daily. The Amhara Association in America (AAA) has published names and other details of detention of 98 victims of this state violence [Ref #2, page 2], and GPE has received information that torture, coercion and harassment is widely undertaken on the detainees. We have information that 38 people were killed during this state led terror operation, the figure covers only those that occurred in urban and semi-urban areas. There were reports of use of air support in some rural areas where the government was allegedly using extreme force against unarmed farmers in East and West Gojam Zones of Amhara Region. Coordinated attacks by joint forcesin rural areas were also carried out in North & South Wollo as well as Central and South Gonder Zones of the Region. Additionally, a large contingent of Oromo Regional Forces were reported to be deployed in North Shoa Zone of the Amhara Region.

The current ongoing attacks are so brutal and severe that it triggered a Global #IAMFANO movement by ethnic Amharas and other concerned Ethiopians in the diaspora, the global movement itself took up the image of the 3 year old who was detained in place of his father as a symbol to remind the world that it is innocent people that are suffering due to the current state campaign against Amharas. "  

Title: "Jail cell 08" | by jaggededge27 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

GPE Report 003: Re: On the announcement of the three-person Commission, International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia!!

March 08, 2022
" GPE has closely watched the 33rd special session of the Human Rights Council on the grave human rights situation in Ethiopia on 17 December 2021. The Human Rights Council resolution S-33/1 was adopted on 17 December 2021, resulting in the formation of the three-person Human Rights Commission Experts on Ethiopia. 

Following this, GPE has welcomed the announcement of the three-person Commission on Ethiopia; GPE is also very keen to work with your respected office as well as with the three-person Commission to provide the most needed credible evidences of genocide, ethnic cleansing, abusive human rights violation, looting, and destruction so that the Commission’s objectives are achieved! However, as the scope of the three-person Commission investigation into allegations of violations and abuses of International Human Rights is limited to investigating events only since 3rd of November 2020, we are concerned that, it will not address the fundamental problem and bring any meaningful change to stop the heinous human rights violations that are taking place both in the north due to the war being waged by TPLF, and in the South and West due to the ethnic-based targeting by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)/Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), and Gumuz militant groups. Additional to atrocities committed by these groups in various parts of the country, there were also testaments gathered from survivors of these attacks that in many instances government forces themselves have also taken part in carrying out these atrocities, including the Oromia Special Forces under the Oromia Regional Administration (OPP).  "

By Jemal Countess, North Shoa, Ethiopia

Image courtesy of Jemal Countess. Title: ATAYE OLF ATTACKS AFTERMATH. Location: Ataye, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Date: June 26, 2021

GPE Report 001: Ongoing genocide against Amharas in Ethiopia

December 29, 2020
Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia (GPE) Inc. is a legally registered entity that is established in response to a series of very alarming events involving slaughtering of innocents en-masse across Ethiopia over the past three years. The founding members of GPE comprise of Ethiopians and Ethiopian backgrounds who are residing in different parts of the world. GPE founders came together due to the Sunday September 16, 2018 massacre carried out by the “Qeerroo”, the Oromo extremist who had murdered thousands of non-Oromo speaking men, women, and children in the suburbs of Addis Ababa - majority of them in towns of Burayu, Keta, Asko, and Ashewa Meda

Destruction of properties belonging to ethnic Amharas & Guraghes in Shashemene town, Oromo Region, Ethiopia. July, 2020. Image sent through GPE's data submission portal

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