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GPE Mission + GPE Vision + GPE Values 
Peaceful, civil, humane, democratic Ethiopia

GPE Mission

GPE creates awareness about the ongoing pocketed genocide in Ethiopia and works  to prevent the looming large scale Amhara genocide event and other ethnic based atrocities in Ethiopia by collaborating with humanitarian organizations, nations, and concerned citizens of the world; it ultimately works to end the barbaric ethnic system which is creating a fertile ground for genocidal events through the Balkanization of Ethiopia. 

GPE Vision

Restoring Ethiopia as a civil nation in which every citizen can live, contribute and retire at a location of their choosing without fear of being suddenly attacked, displaced, abused or killed due to their identity.

GPE Values

GPE places the following principles at the core of its work:

  • Respect and promotion of human rights, with a focus on victims of genocide and those under the threat of genocide
  • Active participation of rights holders in decision-making and activities
  • Use and promotion of empowering and non-stigmatizing language and visuals
  • Accountability, integrity, transparency and professionalism
  • Solidarity between organizations and respect for members, individuals, and allies

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